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 BBB Lonely Fatty in a Big Bed ;)
Being so far from home and in a hotel takes me out of my comfort zone a bit and definitely makes me feel lonely. I’d love it if you could be here with me! Especially since I have an entire king sized bed to myself. So much room to roll around, bouncing and jiggling all of my curves. You could play with my luscious body in every position imaginable. In this clip I roll around revealing all of my rolls, bounce my fatty body around and talk about now badly I need you with me. Don’t keep me waiting. ;)

Another holiday… another trip to my hometown. :)

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BBB Horny at the Hotel
While in my hometown I went to my favorite sex shop and bought a new toy! I had the girl working remove it from the box to show me just how strong the vibration was, needless to say I was sold. I’m sure the girl that helped me out thought I was a poor lonely fat girl needing the best toy imaginable. Little does she know I wanted to share it with all of you, I love you watching me bring myself to an orgasm. While rolling around in the king size hotel bed, which I took up most of, I jiggle and moan my way to an amazing fat girl orgasm. Watch as this tiny vibrator disappears between my chubby thighs and finds that oh so magical spot. ;)


BBB Sophomore June’s 30 Nugget Challenge
BBW College Sophomore June’s school has been on break for the last week, and it had been awhile since she last sent me a video… I started to wonder why, but now I can clearly see: her unavoidable double chin, the difficulty she has getting off the recliner, and the interminable series of Instagram and Facebook pictures at an array of restaurants and bars, socially eating/drinking with every spare minute/dime she has. June was becoming embarrassed of her growing body. It didn’t take much goading to convince June to send me a 30 Nugget Challenge when I told her that the meal would be paid for and she could stuff herself EVEN fuller for free.

Apparently ;)

BBB Sex Ed for SSBBWs
If you’re going to have sex, SAFE sex is very important. And I know how hard it is to resist, especially with all the fat, jiggly girls walking around. In this clip I use one of my favorite things, food, to show you the correct way to use a condom and how I like to excite my partners. Follow along as I discuss all the ways to make sex amazing from start to finish. ;)

Happy Easter, Internet! :)

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This dress seems to be shrinking…

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— Anonymous: I'm a young gal fan and I absolutely love everything you do. After following you on tumblr for the past year, I am curious, would you be interested in squashing a female fan? I live relatively near the area of the country you are from and would be interested in being your first female victim :)

Funny how my female “fans” are always anon

 BBB Feedee at Family Dinner
Being a feedee makes meal time so much more than meal time. The feelings I experience when my belly is so full it seems like it could burst are incredible. So you might be able to imagine how awkward but at the same time awesome it can be when I have a huge dinner with my family. Coming from a family that believes any get together should involve food it’s really hard to not show my fatty/feedee side. In this clip I talk all about the good and bad of being a feedee when it comes to family dinners and how I feel about my upcoming trip home to what I know will he another huge family meal.