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— Anonymous: would you ever consider selling some of your clothing you out grew?

Sure! :) what were you interested in?

Yum. :)

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BBB Eating Pie without Hands
I had a fan request to see me eat a chocolate pie like a piggy, it was sent to me as sort of a challenge. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to eat the entire pie but I’m not one for turning down food related challenges. Surprisingly eating it wasn’t the biggest challenge, even more so of a challenge was trying to figure out how to get more pie without completely covering my face in chocolate. Breathing while my face in covered in chocolate was a pleasant challenge. :) I think you’ll see that I do a pretty good pig impersonation and took right to eating on all fours. I also think you’ll be proud of how much of the pie I stuffed into my growing belly. ;)

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My, I’ve gotten fat…

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I ate this pie with NO hands ;)

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Its been a fattening July. :)

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Bustin’ seams ;)

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— Anonymous: Looking through your recent pictures literally made me gasp "Oh my god, she is SO fucking fat" out loud to myself. You've put on SO. MUCH. FUCKING. WEIGHT. God.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it as much as I am! I definitely have became quite the porker.