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This dress seems to be shrinking…

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— Anonymous: I'm a young gal fan and I absolutely love everything you do. After following you on tumblr for the past year, I am curious, would you be interested in squashing a female fan? I live relatively near the area of the country you are from and would be interested in being your first female victim :)

Funny how my female “fans” are always anon

 BBB Feedee at Family Dinner
Being a feedee makes meal time so much more than meal time. The feelings I experience when my belly is so full it seems like it could burst are incredible. So you might be able to imagine how awkward but at the same time awesome it can be when I have a huge dinner with my family. Coming from a family that believes any get together should involve food it’s really hard to not show my fatty/feedee side. In this clip I talk all about the good and bad of being a feedee when it comes to family dinners and how I feel about my upcoming trip home to what I know will he another huge family meal.

awesome-earl-bell91: how much do you weigh now

I just posted a new weigh-in a couple days ago. ;)

You guys can’t see it, but I’m squashing Ukraine in this picture. Sorry, Ukraine.

The one thing I can promise y’all is that I’ll never abuse this Tumblr as a way to foist outrageous political opinions and social activism on y’all. This isn’t my soapbox or bully pulpit, and I respect my fans FAR too much to browbeat you with half-baked SJW topics. :)

SO much more than a pretty face. SO much. ;)

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Let loose the belly!

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The fans who bought the ‘BBB Dreaming of a Skinny Guy’ clip need to get in touch with me ASAP so we can talk about getting you another clip. E-mail me at bigbootybeautyxxx@ymail.com

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I’ve ordered pizza twice this weekend, best decision ever.