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These are direct orders from your princess, princess BBB that is. I want to be the fattest, fullest queen possible and you’re going to make that happen. All my peasants must present to me all the food in the kingdom, I don’t care who does without, as long as my belly is full and my weight continues to go up. I want all the food you’ve slaved away for and I want it now! Spoil me, I am your princess!

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philleonard2: Do you worry that the pigs in your stable might get fatter than you are?

No, I actually encourage the competition… It makes it interesting. ;)

More. :)

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— Anonymous: Are there any serious health effects after gaining a bunch of weight like you did?

… I’m hungrier?

BBB My Personal Hog Pen! :)
One thing about making a stuffed pig of myself at nearly every meal is that I know the difference between “just full” and painfully full… about to burst at the seams. That’s part of the reason why fat girls are the most excellent feeders. We know how to be ruthless in pushing the feedee from simply full, to feeling like they’re about to rupture :) and then lulling them into a food-induced coma. In this video, I outline my plan to create a stable of hogs (read: medium-sized BBWs)… a pigsty… and put them to work for you, growing them into the models you yearn to see. :) and perhaps a little more. :P 

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Its not over until I sing.

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BBB Fulfilling my Patriotic Duty (Being a Fatass)

I’m so happy to live in a country where I’m free to be the fattest me I can be. With that being said I thought I’d make a somewhat patriotic video since this is July, the month America celebrates its independence. Enjoy my red, white and blue ensemble as I talk about just how much being American has affected my weight gain and also do a little bit of complaining about the irony of American flag themed shorts that even having more stars than the actual flag still won’t cover my gigantic ass.

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