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I’ve been working hard to make sure all THIS stays a 10. ;)

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— Anonymous: What happened to the sophomore college girls, May and June? And you look absolutely beautiful and fat as ever!

They’re Juniors now, and working hard to outdo their Sophomore year ;)

"Bound Blond"

From the maker of BBW Sex Dungeon I-III ;)

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The product of a million French fries.

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— Anonymous: Would you ever do a video with a fan?

Sure, what did you have in mind?


I’m planning to film new clips tonight, if I can stop being lazy. Sooo, any requests/suggestions? Just message me!

Gotta wash all that pizza sauce off, right? ;)

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Oink, oink. :)

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guyintheworld: So I was wondering if you ever made it up to Columbus to hang out. We have tons of awesome restaurants where you could get a number of exciting delicacies (like deep-fried grilled cheese, banh mi, crocodile po-boys, to name a few), and a bunch of cool things to do. Also, did I mention that I work a prominent, delicious ice cream store?

Sure! :)