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I dare you to tell your friends that this is what you’re into :P

Feel free come back and tell me what they said. :)

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Why am I always so hungry :(

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— Anonymous: Would you ever do a mutual gaining relationship?

Heck yes. :)

Here’s the belly.

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— Anonymous: Is it a turn on or turn off if a guy you are with tells you he's never been with someone your size (ie a ssbbw "rookie" or maybe even just a previously closeted FA willing to step up)?

I’m actually just curious. I get approached by a lot of guys saying that I’m what they want and all sorts of nice stuff, but I just wonder whether they’ve been with anyone close to my size in real life, ya know?

colt357: I don't know if I could handle you beautiful but I sure wish I could. try!!! Fat muff diving heaven :D

I’m just glad someone appreciates it :)

— Anonymous: you have to be on welfare since your house is empty and there is no way an obese skag like you can hold a job. you are a drain on our system you fat whale

According to the USDA’s website, a household of one individual is only allotted 189$ in supplementary nutritional benefits. If you think I’m substantially increasing my weight on 189$ a month, you are in dire need of a remedial math course.

I’ll call it, Uncomfortably Full.

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hadeswolffe: What's your kik? I would love to talk to you :)

I don’t have one right now :-\