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— Anonymous: Are all participants in your "Fat Farm" interested in gaining? I might be specifically asking about CannoliPrincess :3

Yes, that’s the purpose of the farm.

Exercising can be tough when your diet consists of fast food and pastries. :D

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BBB CannoliPrincess is Out of Shape!

Clearly CannoliPrincess hasn’t been doing any cardio… unless you consider lifting food to stuff her face! I decide that it would be very amusing to see this overfed young porkette attempt to do some of the Zumba, yoga, and soccer exercises she used to attempt to keep herself thin and athletic. It was quite a laugh! :D All of that eating out and overindulging, aside from going to ‘all right places’ has done little for her personal fitness. She has become quite out of shape… unless you consider ‘round’ a shape. ;) 

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Meet CannoliPrincess, newest addition to my Fat Farm! After a high school soccer injury sidelined her athletic career—permanently ;) —she made an attempt at college (Freshman 30) and now spends the best years of her young life working at a salon, and fulfilling her professional desires with food and delicious lunch breaks. Come see what she’s about!


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Crutch life.

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— Anonymous: What's your favourite reaction someone's had to your weight/weight-gain?? :D

Just the facial expression… :-O

The non-verbal things are always the most compelling.


Another installment in my BBB Shrugged series.

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BBB Butt-in-Face Torture
You can’t move, or extricate yourself from my meaty thighs, as I’ve backed my full weight onto your chest and I am now proceeding to crush you with the weight of the body produced by full-on gluttony—gluttony that you encouraged! All that remains for you is to recline and feel the concussion of the ripples of my well-padded posterior flapping in your face, threatening to squish you. :) You never should have messed with this lady. :) 

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Well-padded is an understatement.