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My belly wasn’t too comfy in the booth but look at my delicious dessert :)

Goodnight my loves


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gwen-sational: Happy modelling anniversary!

Thank ya!

My “engagement ring” just in case anyone’s curious ;) as you can see it’s clearly a class ring. Just don’t wanna show every detail on it as it’s personal for me. I’ve been wearing it recently bc I came across it while cleaning and just haven’t taken it off.

Bad day :( but still smiling, gotta make the best of everything…

Its officially been a year since I began modeling…

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— Anonymous: Where do you find clothes? Especially those white tights? I'm a big girl and can't find tights anywhere!

Tights or leggings? Tights I found on amazon, leggings at walmart! I by from torrid, old navy and pretty much anywhere I can find something cute! There’s some pretty cool plus size clothes on amazon.

BBB College BBW June fattens up at local Chinese All-You-Can-Eat Buffet!
College Girl June can’t go a couple hours in a class or lecture without her stomach beginning to growl and her thoughts turning to yummy, fattening food. She tries to get her fill in the cafeteria, which is fatty in its own right, but she still craves more. So she does quite a bit of ‘social eating’—she just can’t turn down getting invited out to a restaurant to stuff herself. Whenever any of her friends want an activity partner to go do something with, all they have to do is tell June that there’s going to be food involved. In this video, we see June at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, publicly porking out on some unhealthy Chinese ‘cuisine.’ She stuffs herself—especially on the dessert—and then pulls her shirt up, exposing her burgeoning belly. :)

Eat up, June…