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hadeswolffe: What's your kik? I would love to talk to you :)

I don’t have one right now :-\

toxicfadeaway: I can handle you;)

Oh yeah? What’s the biggest girl you’ve ever had? :)

Sometimes I’m bewildered by my own gluttony :-\ :D

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Can anyone out there handle all this?!

Anyone??? :(

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BBB Booty Bed Bounce
Watch my overfed body flop around on my bed, bouncing and causing every inch of my flesh to ripple. I’m going to bounce up and down and show you how much I’ve grown, and how simply bouncing up and down on my bed makes me worn out! Truly the fattening has taken a toll on me and my endurance :)

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A bright future…

Early in my days of Tumblreing, I followed nearly every single person who followed me. …

Then, at around 2,000 followers, I began to wonder why my Tumblr news feed was full of chicks with dicks, granny porn, and political bullshit.

Now I am slowly, but methodically de-friending everyone who posts hermaphrodites, AARP porn, and political whining. I look forward to the day when I can go on my Tumblr news feed and see only funny memes, cute pictures of kittens, and my own pictures reblogged.

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Just a few from my old bed at my old house… Any wonder why it became my ‘old’ bed?!

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