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This should be enough to cover my body, right? ;)

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— Anonymous: How's your fitness?

Well, I’m almost 500lbs and I’m 5’4”, so that puts my BMI at…

Welcome to fat girl bikini season :)

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happy birthday pic for the lovely princess bigbootybeautyxxl

Love! Thank you!!

21yearsafreak: What state do live in


— Anonymous: I love how big you're getting. Would you ever consider relocating to northern ontario? kthx

Why, yes I would. It would be nice to live in an environment where my layers of fat would actually be an evolutionary advantage.

Leave some love for the Bday Girl :)

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BBB Big Fat Birthday Girl
What’s a birthday without cake? Not a birthday I want! ;) I got myself a yummy chocolate fudge cake to have all to myself on my day. As I feed myself handfuls of chocolatey cake I turn my hitachi wand on and wedge it under my massive body to vibrate against my fat pussy. I stuff my belly full of cake until I need to cum, taking my wand into my hand I pleasure myself until I jiggle my way to an amazing orgasm. Happy birthday to me!

The big, fat bday girl

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Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you.

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