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This is the body that pizza built.

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nom nom nom
What I do best y’all :D

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BBB Laid Up (Fat Girl on Crutches) :(
You may have noticed I’ve been away for a few days, in this clip I explain why. I had a little accident that has lead to me living a semi immobile lifestyle for a couple weeks, this would probably sound horrible for most but I look at it as a little vacation. Listen as I tell you all about how lazy I’ve had to be, doctors orders after all. I also show you just how impossible it is for a fat girl to use crutches.

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All laid up :(

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Sorry I haven’t been too active lately, I tripped while walking down the stairs and I’ve been laid up… :( I knew I shouldn’t have gotten a house with stairs! ><  On the other hand, this period of extended convalescence should be like a trial run for my immobile life, all I have to do is lay back and eat sweets!

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Guesses as to how much Lovely Lilly weighs?

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Latin flavor on the Fat Farm!


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:) Anyone care for a waddle in the park?

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Oink, oink y’all

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