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You guys can’t see it, but I’m squashing Ukraine in this picture. Sorry, Ukraine.

The one thing I can promise y’all is that I’ll never abuse this Tumblr as a way to foist outrageous political opinions and social activism on y’all. This isn’t my soapbox or bully pulpit, and I respect my fans FAR too much to browbeat you with half-baked SJW topics. :)

SO much more than a pretty face. SO much. ;)

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Let loose the belly!

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The fans who bought the ‘BBB Dreaming of a Skinny Guy’ clip need to get in touch with me ASAP so we can talk about getting you another clip. E-mail me at bigbootybeautyxxx@ymail.com

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Took some selfies :p

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Some deliciousness from my Belgian waffle feast the other day… ;)

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Took some selfies. Pretty in pink. :>

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Warning! Curves ahead! :)