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"Imagine working in an industry where image and appearance are EVERYTHING. Now imagine being fat, jiggling with every movement… as your skinny co-workers look on in smug satisfaction at how much those lunch break pig-outs have turned you into the out-of-shape porker that you are! :D This is the everyday working life of Cannoli Princess: working thankless hours at the salon to buy more extravagant meals for lunchtime… eating even more because of the incredible expectations placed on your appearance. Then shriveling up and dying a little bit inside when *another* pair of pants can no longer contain your pudge, and your double D breasts threaten to spill out of their cups. :) Its OK, though, food will comfort you! :D "

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I’ve resolved to eat my own weight in Taco Bell today. Wish me luck. <3

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scottysss: Is there anyway to rent clips?



Like Blockbuster-style?

Yeah just for a day

Yeah, absolutely. Just get on C4S, select whichever clips you want to rent, and then delete it at the end of the day. Does that work for you? :)


Circus fat lady status. ;)

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rolly polly

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BBB Counting Calories
I recently updated my iPhone and with the update came a health app. Well obviously I’m a healthy person, I haven’t missed a meal ever. ;) This health app is pretty neat as it allows me to track my daily calories and all that fun stuff. So I decided to give you guys a little glimpse into an average day of eating for me, I really didn’t know what to expect as I don’t count my calories. Listen as I name what I ate and give you the end total, I think you’ll be surprised and proud. :)

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I now know how stuffed hogs feel. :((

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